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IBM AIX/UNIX system storage administration ksh/perl scripting

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Total Storage Network setup using the serial port

Total Storage Network setup using the serial port

To set up the controllers through the serial port:

1. Connect to the Storage Server with a null modem cable to the serial port of your
system. For the serial connection, choose the correct port and the following settings:
– 19200 Baud
– 8 Data Bits
– 1 Stop Bit
– No Parity
– Xon/Xoff Flow Control

2. Send a break signal to the controller. This varies depending on the terminal emulation. For most terminal emulations, such as HyperTerm, which is included in Microsoft Windows products, press Ctrl+Break.

3. If you only receive unreadable characters, press Ctrl+Break again, until the following
message appears:
Press for baud rate within 5 seconds.

4. Press the Space bar to ensure the correct baud rate setting. If the baud rate was set, a
confirmation appears.

5. Press Ctrl+Break to log on to the controller. The following message appears:
Press within 5 seconds: for SHELL, for baud rate.

6. Press the Esc key to access the controller shell. The password you are prompted for is

7. Run the netCfgShow command to see the current network configuration.

8. To change these values, enter the netCfgSet command. For each entry, you are asked to keep, clear, or change the value. After you assign a fixed IP address to Controller A,
disconnect from Controller A and repeat the procedure for Controller B. Remember to
assign a different IP address.

9. Because the configuration changed, the network driver is reset and uses the new network configuration.


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