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Friday, March 20, 2009

HMC CLI to Turn Off Attention LED on System p Servers

What is the HMC v5, v6 and v7 command line to disable attention LED on system p servers

Hardware errors that occur on a server requiring attention will cause the system attention LED to come on. Manual intervention is required to turn off the attention LED.


The system attention LED can be disabled using the graphic user interface (GUI) service utility application, but it can be more quickly done using the chled command. The managed system name is needed to run the chled command and the lssyscfg command can be used to retrieve all the managed systems names if you don't already know them.

lssyscfg -r sys -F name

Once you know the managed system name to use in the command line interface (CLI), check to see if the attention LED is active

lsled -r sa -t phys -m

Should see output similar to, "state=on."

Use the chled command to turn off the system attention LED

chled -r sa -t phys -m <managed_system> -o off

To check the status of system attention LED you can use the lsled

lsled -r sa -t phys -m <managed_system>

Should see output, "state=off."

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