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IBM AIX/UNIX system storage administration ksh/perl scripting

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cfgmgr does not find a device

Devices discovery troubleshooting with alog -t cfg

Device discovery for devices can be difficult when minimal information is available.

Device discovery on AIX.
Starting with AIX 5.2 ML05 and AIX 5.3 ML01 there is an ability to log information via the alog utility for the cfg methods. Depending on the OS version and maintenance level the amount of detail that can be logged vary.

One key thing is the verbosity level. If the level is high enough the SCSI id and LUN are reported as a discovered device. If an open is done on the device the SCIOSTART is used.

echo "Create cfglog `date`"|alog -t cfg

export CFGLOG="cmd,meth,lib,verbosity:9"

cfgmgr -l

alog -o -t cfg > /tmp/cfgmethod.log

Send /tmp/cfgmethod.log to IBM support.

To turn logging off:

unset CFGLOG



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