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IBM AIX/UNIX system storage administration ksh/perl scripting

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to create custome Time Zone in AIX

For example:
I want to create a custom me zone, which will use the same days as the standard EU switch to and from Summertime only the time has been altered. Summertime begins at 07:30 on the last Sunday of March and ends at 08:30 on the last Sunday of October. And making two states like MCST (My Company Standard Time) and MCDT (My Company Daylight Time).


set the occurrence of the Sunday as last occurrence in that month (As you needed), a value of 5 indicates the last day (0=sunday) in month and which may occur either in 4th or 5th week (sometimes 5 Sundays in a month), edit your /etc/environment and set the TZ as below,

TZ=Your time zone,M3.5.0/7:30:00,M10.5.0/8:30:00
Ensure that the time zone value ends with DT for the DST to be enabled.