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Friday, June 06, 2008

Recovery from an LED 553 in AIX Versions 5 and 6

Technote (FAQ)

Recovery from an LED 553 in AIX Versions 5 and 6

This document describes a procedure to attempt to recover from an IPL hang at LED 553. It applies to AIX Versions 5 and 6.
About LED 553
An LED value of 553 is a checkpoint code displayed to indicate the system transition to phase 3 of IPL. A halt or hang at LED 553 is often the result of a corrupted or missing /etc/inittab file. It can also be caused by full / (root) or /tmp file systems, inconsistencies in either startup configuration files, Object Data Manager (ODM) object class databases, or system library files. Additionally, a number of other issues involving file permissions, invalid hard links in the root file system, etc. have been observed to cause a hang at LED 553.

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